• OPD Timing::Monday to Friday–10.00 A.M–4.00 P.M.
    Saturday – 10.00 A. M. – 1.00 P.M.
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Our Departments

The anatomy lab of the college allows the students to gain sufficient insights into the structure of the human body with the help of sufficient number of specimens, charts, models, bones etc. The anatomy lab also has cadaver for demonstration and dissection.

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The physiology lab with advanced microscopes and other equipments enables the student to understand the functions of the human body.

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This department with its latest equipments allow the students to practice the latest exercise techniques under proper supervision and guidance and develop their treatment skills.

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With its modern and advanced modalities the electrotherapy department of the college gives ample opportunities to the students to learn and practice the application of these equipments for the welfare of the patients.

The OPD of the college which started only a few months before is becoming the preferred destination for physiotherapy treatment not only for the patients from Dharmaj but also for the nearby villages as many patients have come in pain and left smiling due to the efforts of the dedicated team of physiotherapists working in the college and the facilities available in the OPD.

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